Worker unfairly dismissed from Tesco while on holidays

Always keep good records of annual leave. Do not jump to conclusions if someone is 'missing'.

A Sales assistant was mistakenly dismissed for being absent without permission, while she was actually on holidays with permission.

HR managers are relying more and more on software and technology, so mistakes can happen.

This case is highly unusual in that Tesco admitted she had been unfairly dismissed. Employers almost always claim the opposite.

In this case, Tesco did a lot to try to correct their mistake. Including offering her back her job, to be as if the dismissal had not happened.

With Tesco admitting it, she of course won, but her award was under 5000. 

It may seem a lot to some people, but if she paid a solicitor, a lot of her award may have gone on fees.

She of course no longer has her job with Tesco. Though she did not want it anymore. She declined to take it back.

What some people may not always realise is that when dismissed you have an obligation to attempt to mitigate your own loss. In English, meaning that you are supposed to do everything you can to get another job. 

If you do not or will not look for one, you can see your compensation significantly reduced. 

You can read more about the case here. It is a UK case, but their system is quite similar to ours.

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